Kailas Sree Chandran


Hi.. Welcome to my personal website..

I’m Kailas.. I’m from Kerala, God’s own country..

I am an Industrial Engineer but I love computers..

Now I’m working as Assistant Professor in a private engineering college in Trivandrum. Teaching was my dream and now I can say, I have started my career in the right way.

Since you are here, you might want to know about me..

My belief:I can’t do everything, but still I can do something... and I will not refuse to do something which I can..."

Quotes which are motivating me:

"Failure doesn’t mean you are unfit for the position, it only says you need some more try to get it."

"Doing a Mistake is not at all a mistake, but repeating it is a mistake."

"If you do not get the fruits of your hard work today, Surely you will get tomorrow with double, So don’t lose hope."


Now I want to share something with this world. My creations, my ideas, my outlook etc. 

Now go and explore my universe!

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